Rock Chefs

Rock on a Roll

The 30-minute Cooking Show with a Rockstar Twist

Cooking Music Talk Hyrbid Television Series, 10-13 episodes
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Get Ready To Rock in the Kitchen

Hosted by wholly recognizable, well-seasoned music stars...

On our Rock Chefs tour bus, each week join our host with a famous celebrity guest star in the kitchen to prepare a dish they remembered enjoying while they were on tour, sharing fan and road experiences with a sneak peek into their world. Catering to all kinds of diets, they serve it up with a special music jam!

Our Chefs Are Pretty Cool.

Get a glimpse of your favorite rockstar like you've never seen before. Learn the foods they like, the way they eat, the diets they follow, family recipes and so much more...

Everything from best and worst artists performed with, crazy fans, best/worst hotels or venues, funny occurrences and tales from days off, strange requests for dressing rooms, backstage stories, behind the scenes and weird hospitality, best and worst career decisions, early jobs held and other trivia.

Visit them in various locales including world famous music venues and kitchens, the Artists' Homes, Kitchens or Outdoor BBQs, on the beach, backstage, in the studio, even with live audiences.

During the show, our hosts and guests' music and videos are featured as we learn about their latest album launches, touring, merchandise and projects.

We Cook Food That Rocks

Creators/EPs:: Dawn Robinson, James Dalton, John Harrison
Production Companies:: Dark Moon Entertainment, KatProd Inc, Tiny Terror

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